Monday, 9 April 2012

My little champion

I would very much like to celebrate the fact that my baby -- mere hours ago -- managed to break his all-time record for wailing his head off in preparation for bed!!! "Hooray!!", I would say... if I meant it. "His lungs are so advanced and strong for his age!!".

Sadly, I can't say that outside of those quotation marks. Because to be honest? I'm pretty sure it's just normal. And I mainly just found it exasperating*, **. That is the polite way of putting it. Par for the course? Sure. But "exasperating"? Absolutely.

The feeling of parental victory on achieving eventual shut-eye, though, was Sweet. Sweet, indeed.

*exasperated with love, of course
** how weird is it that there aren't more random Internet photos of babies wearing actual medals?