Monday, 9 April 2012

My little champion

I would very much like to celebrate the fact that my baby -- mere hours ago -- managed to break his all-time record for wailing his head off in preparation for bed!!! "Hooray!!", I would say... if I meant it. "His lungs are so advanced and strong for his age!!".

Sadly, I can't say that outside of those quotation marks. Because to be honest? I'm pretty sure it's just normal. And I mainly just found it exasperating*, **. That is the polite way of putting it. Par for the course? Sure. But "exasperating"? Absolutely.

The feeling of parental victory on achieving eventual shut-eye, though, was Sweet. Sweet, indeed.

*exasperated with love, of course
** how weird is it that there aren't more random Internet photos of babies wearing actual medals?

1 comment:

  1. Just a month since you honoured the Champion of Expressive Lung Expansion, Kali Ann. Whassup since? You en route or even in your homeland yet? Hope to see you, Jack, and your amazing Mum very soon!