Thursday, 19 July 2012

The early bird gets the Bug

I was a bit worried about this week of solo parenting. Sure, I'd have my evenings to myself, but how on earth was I going to take care of Jack from dawn till dusk AND apply for my masters, pitch parenting articles, figure out my master plan for going back to work, design a new career, do a nutritional and financial detox, get the house spotless and finish the few creative projects I've had on the go in one week?!!
Short answer? I wasn't. And I didn't. And as it happens, that was the correct answer. 
Instead, I spent my days on Jack's schedule. And come evening, I made easy dinners of middling nutritional value and enjoyed a glass or two of wine in front of the television (I can finally work it! Necessity breeds logic) and/or a good book. Jack and I even got my guitar out and tuned it one afternoon. Without my partner in crime, 930p.m. bedtimes became the norm, giving me the energy to enjoy every moment of the day with my son come 5 or 6a.m. (note: waking up crazy early is MUCH easier when you don't have to witness your partner slumbering away... but I will try to hang on to the joy of those early mornings on his return anyway).
As a very pleasant aside, despite the bathroom being borderline filthy, there are clean clothes for everyone and -- maybe due to my deep pleasure in being with the kid (and the depressive cost-benefit analysis of going back to shift work minus daycare costs) I've finally come up with an idea for what I want to be when I grow up. 
Hooray for letting things slide. And the rest sliding into place. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Letter to a childminder

Dear Childminder Lady,
It was lovely meeting you the other day. You seem very competent and organized and the children in your care seem pretty happy. But -- and this is just a thought -- maybe keep your collection of ceramic ashtrays festooned with tiny Rasta men smoking giant spliffs upstairs? Or anywhere other than the kitchen window looking out on the garden you were trying to impress me with. It's not that it really made me doubt your ability to care for my son -- personally, I might find a collection of ceramic cats or Precious Moments figurines more disturbing. I'm not going with you mainly because you live too far away. But really. Seriously. Stoner-themed ashtrays in the nursery window? Come on. That's just poor self-marketing, darlin'. 
                                        Jack's Mom