Sunday, 8 July 2012

Letter to a childminder

Dear Childminder Lady,
It was lovely meeting you the other day. You seem very competent and organized and the children in your care seem pretty happy. But -- and this is just a thought -- maybe keep your collection of ceramic ashtrays festooned with tiny Rasta men smoking giant spliffs upstairs? Or anywhere other than the kitchen window looking out on the garden you were trying to impress me with. It's not that it really made me doubt your ability to care for my son -- personally, I might find a collection of ceramic cats or Precious Moments figurines more disturbing. I'm not going with you mainly because you live too far away. But really. Seriously. Stoner-themed ashtrays in the nursery window? Come on. That's just poor self-marketing, darlin'. 
                                        Jack's Mom 

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