Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Last year, Alex and I rang in 2011 on the dance floor. This year, we all but played Scrabble. And while I have always loved Scrabble, it wasn't until this baby forced me to take great care of myself that I realized I love Scrabble - or its equivalent, which in this case was a day at the British Museum, a soak in the bath to ease aching back after said day at museum, Alex's spaghetti and meat balls, a small glass of fizz and the Jools Holland New Year's Hootenany on the telly - more than I love a crazy party these days. It made me grateful to the kid for forcing me to give clean living a real go. As the clock struck 12 and Mr. Baby struck my ribs with his foot again, I came to the happy realization that since I decided to have him, I actually don't have to quit anything or get rid of anything this year. My entire New Year's Resolution gets to be this: I resolve to embrace the challenges and changes this year will bring with a clear head, open heart, good humour and as much patience as I can muster - which so far, is way more than I thought.

And since we're baby blogging here, a few resolutions on that front:

1. I resolve not to talk or write about poo unless directly asked to do so
2. I resolve to wait until my baby can type before allowing him to "post", or granting him access to any other manner of social media
3. I resolve not to engage in competitive parenting
4. I resolve not to use this as a forum to state the obvious fact that I am tired. Unless I get really tired and forget
5. I resolve to love and respect my baby's dad - in deed and in the written word (even if/when he is a jackass and I really, really want to write about it)

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