Monday, 14 May 2012

The Baby Parade

Jack and I regularly cover 10km or more in a day. But while his days always begin and end in the company of people who love him, he's never had avid fans lining his route from start to finish. As we set out on our big Toronto tour yesterday, I was sort of concerned it might overwhelm him... but it seems we are related. He loved it. Started the day at Uncle Brad's and walked straight down Queen Street from Parkdale to Leslieville, meeting good friends along the way and ending up at Amanda's place where Grammie picked him up -- and I enjoyed a little well-deserved grown-up lady time with good friends.
Yep, the little man's Canadian invasion continues. And after a couple of days being out of sorts with the jetlag, he's back in the smiling, cooing, slumbery swing of things and loving every minute. Or almost every minute. Not the yelly ones, of course.
The trip's been quite a trip for me, as well. On one hand, it's been beyond amazing to introduce Jack to the people and places that matter most to me. On the other, it reminds me that while I love my life and adore my kid, my feet are currently planted very, very far apart.

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