Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day 2

To celebrate Mother's Day, Jack and I got up early this morning and crept out of the house to get all the fixin's (is that right? I know fixin' has an apostrophe at the end... so how on earth does one pluralize it?) of a traditional Canadian MD: a card, some flowers, and the makings of breakfast in bed.
Unfortunately, the only store I knew of that was open and selling any of these items was the gas station. Jack and I ponied up and got his Grammie some appropriately straggly flowers, a card that quasi-fit the bill (bizarrely, all the cards on offer contained obscure recipes) and considered a feast of Tim Hortons for the Canadiana factor. In the end we opted for lattes and pastries from her favourite bakery and crept back upstairs to get everything ready. In a shocking turn of events, writing my mom's card made me cry (I'm starting to wonder if maybe I actually cry more than Jack?). Partially because Jack has taught me just how much she must love Brad and I... partially because I'm just so darned happy to be here today. Happy Mother's Day indeed. 

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  1. Lovely one, Jack's Mummy! I know just what you mean -- didn't really get or fully accept my Mum's deep, deep love till I had me own young'uns. Now I struggle to accept that P and E will not likely ever have their own, so how the heck will they know FULLY how beloved they are? Ah well -- it's a puzzlement! (What makes this sort of funny, this thought of mine, is that like my own mother, I do not 'keep' official Mother's Day as it rots y socks.)