Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Oh Hai!

Sorry it's been a while. Since Jack started nursery and I went back to work, it's just that I've been quite busy. I've finally written my novel, am training for my second marathon, started a masters in mathematics and am currently gigging with my new band, for which play lead guitar. 

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration... In truth, I've been trying to balance the demands of maddeningly sketchy freelance work for the BBC, trying to get through a part-time PR course, going on job interviews, moving house, having a social life (or reasonable facsimile thereof) and spending quality time with my husband (oh ya! I got married, too!). Mostly though, I have been reveling in watching the best little boy (as he is in fact more boy than baby these days -- he has teeth and says stuff and everything!!) I know grow up. Also, I have been looking at more pictures of cats on the internet than I ever imagined I would (I imagined that figure would be none). Thank you, husband, for this and everything else you bring to our marital table. 

But I've missed you blog, so welcome back. We have three months till we leave wonderful London behind for the sunny shores of Canadia (more on that later) and I am planning on enjoying every moment to the fullest. Even the moments where I am wrestling a screaming toddler into his stroller after nursery... wondering when it became acceptable for them to apparently dose kids with PCP at snack time. 

I'll be posting regularly again, once I finish writing the original guitar score for the film I wrote and will be directing myself in. Ok, another lie. I guess I'll just start posting regularly again from right now. 

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