Thursday, 10 October 2013

Yin and Yang

So I don't know about the rest of you, but my pelvic regions were pretty much shattered by the whole internal baby-carrying thing, followed by the external baby carrying thing, which apparently goes on for a long-ass time!!!

Despite the very kind and helpful Osteopath men suggesting you never carry  a baby on your hip...( riiiiiight - cause who needs hands?!), the pain persisted. And 22 months in - now that I have started running"again"- a friend suggested Yin yoga to increase the strength and flexibility of that particular region. Oh. My God. Do it. Just really... do it. It is so good. If you beg (or show a modicum of interest) I will tell you all about it.

If your pelvic bones protest activity that used to be normal. If you back is f*%*^ed, If you can't get the cardio you need because of any of the above, find these people. If you are in London, try Bonus, after all the long (three to five minute is the norm) poses are done, there are blankets, and grown-up nap times! Ok, technically you aren't meant to nap, but unlike work, you can do it without consequence (!!). Honestly  I was so excited about the potential nap I could not sleep.

Once again. If the above rings true, DO IT.

Win, win, my friends. Win, win.

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