Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day One

Yes, my son is more than two months old. And sure, I have had him to myself for periods of a day or more before. But Monday was my first day of "Pearson, this is your actual job now. And although it will frequently involve going for a walk in the park, it will not always be a walk in the park."
My new boss showed me he meant business from the get-go, swapping his usual sweet and sleepy morning demeanour with his first ever morning meltdown. Not to be ruffled, I hauled his stroller downstairs and took him straight out to join the East Dulwich fitness centre. I took him to our first mom and baby pilates class, which I thought was quite nice -- but he was unimpressed and screamed the house down. So we left. Next up was lunch at home, bookended with more screaming. Me, I scarfed down strips of toast dipped in soup, which I tried not to spill on my sweet angel as he ate his own lunch. Our next destination: Baby Sensory Play, a free drop-in session for babies with lots of cool toys to play with in a totally relaxed and cheery environment. It was awesome! Or so I thought! Seems it was a little too full of babies for Lord Yelly of Screamy Manor... so we bailed on that, too. And then there was more yelling when we got home. Let's just say that when Mel called asking if I would meet her for a drink to celebrate her new 6-month attachment to Cairo (sob!) I did NOT HESITATE.
So after spending yesterday pottering around the apartment (which Lord Yelly found infinitely more pleasing) I am going to stand up to the boss man and insist we venture forth once more. Today's activity: mom and baby yoga -- which I have on good authority will only have a few babies in it. With any luck, Jack won't noticed those other kids and instead, take pleasure in laying around in public.

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  1. Terrific writing here, Jack's Lackey! Don't other wee ones cry/shriek/yowl/howl/wail at these gatherings too? Could it be his uproar bothers you far more than it does others?

    Hope he learns to like yoga class -- are you a regular asana duo by now?