Friday, 23 March 2012

Jack saves the day!

In my ongoing quest to shake off the baby weight and boost my sanity levels through forced endorphin production (aka, exercise), I headed to the gym the other night for an aquafit class. It's a patently ridiculous form of fitness... but it was fun, it was exercise-y and I was delighted to be there. Until I got out and realized I had forgotten a towel and didn't even have a spare item of clothing to use (in my early days in London, I briefly stayed at the YMCA, where I used a large scarf very effectively as a towel for days). Lucky for me, I did have one of Jack's diapers in my purse. Did I look like a crazy person rubbing myself down and toweling my head with a size 2 Pamper's in a busy change room? Yes. Was I dry and warm for the walk home? Also yes.

1 comment:

  1. I'm DEEPLY outraged that you dare to label aquafit as "ridiculous,' Woman! Tsk tsk -- ahem, it's one of the truly proven-best ways to build core strength and to get rid of visceral fat, no friend to any woman, while protecting bones and joints. So there. Excellent for rebuilding the muscle tone in ze torso, eh.

    'Tis grand that you had fun and that you had a diaper in a pinch! Will you water-workout again?