Saturday, 11 February 2012

Game on!

For the most part -- with the notable exception of giving birth in a room overlooking the London Eye and waking up to the sight of Westminter across the Thames -- having a baby in London is, I imagine, much like having a baby in Toronto would be. Sure, there are some differences in terminology - pram/pushchair vs stroller; nappies vs diapers... but for the most part I just use my old Canadian words and somehow the kid gets from point A to B with a relatively clean bottom half.
Today, however, it's time for some uniquely British Culture. No, no. We are not off to Jack's first post-utero trip to the Tate, nor are we taking the stroller to see the Queen*. Nope. Today, we are going to the pub to watch the rugby. Because in England, it is somehow perfectly normal and acceptable to take a baby to bar.

*for the record, he HAS been to a few local galleries in the pushchair
**also for the record, that is someone else's kid in today's photo. Babies in bars, fine. But no baby of mine need ever pose on astroturf.

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