Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pyjama party

My mom flew home yesterday. I did my best to keep my heart under my sleeve - a few cuddles, kisses for Jack and a reassurance I'd see her soon in Toronto and she was out the door. After which, I spent a good half hour or more staring blankly, crying and wondering what the hell I am doing trying to raise a baby so far away from my own family. It really was amazing and magical having her here and if I had one wish right now, it would be to build a supersonic transit link between Toronto and London.

Oh well. Life goes on - and, really, I will manage to see her again soon. Gotta be thankful for the fact that we both have the health and resources to make that possible. Also on my gratitude list for the day? The makers of The Office. And the makers of Alex's super-comfy couch. And Alex himself. After I wiped my tears away, we spent the rest of the day/evening having the most gloriously lazy day I can remember having in months. Just cuddled with Jack, ate when hungry and enjoyed an Office Marathon. Today it's sunny outside and I'm feeling far more ready to face the world. Alex is going to stay home and job hunt as I take Mr. Jack on our first solo outing to Brixton. It's not exactly far... but it's baby steps to making London feel like home again.

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