Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trying to talk about Russia

Over the past couple of weeks, Jack, Alex and I have been blessed with many visitors. Which is lovely. It really, really is. But dear, sweet baby Jesus it can get boring.

I mean, like many babies, my baby is cute. I love my kid. And I am very pleased that others love my kid and care enough to visit us. But my kid being cute and loveable does not a two hour conversation make! I have spent a lot of time lately sitting on my couch, staring at people staring at my sleeping kid. Which is fine for an hour... But any longer than that and you are basically stealing my sleep.

That's why it was so extra lovely to have my BBC friend Sola over this afternoon. In addition to the usual birth/sleep quotient/bowel activity chat (which, for the record it is extremely challenging to baby blog without discussing!), we talked about Russia! And it was awesome.

Dear future guests, Come by anytime. Please bring  conversation.

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