Thursday, 2 February 2012

My new trick

One of my favourite things about this blogging business is finding just the right image to sum up what I'm talking about. Simply throw a keyword into Google images and hey, presto! A gallery of images from which to (illegally) choose. Well... this is today's image. Because today's keyword was "Milking". Because I just milked myself.

So that's a little weird. And... since I am not really sure what else to say about it... I will leave it to the good people of Howland Homestead Farm, providers of today's image, to sum it up for me with the following blurb from their website. Just substitute "cow" for "yourself"! (And yes, that exercise *is* as bizarre in practice as it sounds in theory).

"We believe that hand milking a cow on Howland Homestead Farm is an essential item on everyone's life list of accomplishments, along with space travel, running a marathon, getting a hole in one, or winning the Nobel Prize.  We are grieved to think of the number of future epithets that will read: "Yes, I conquered Everest, but if only I'd hand milked a cow on Howland Homestead Farm!"

I am pretty sure HH farm's copywriters are being a little sarcastical here (in my opinion, milking oneself is in NO WAY a neccessary life achievement) -- but in addition to being a really freaking weird thing to see yourself doing, it really is a pretty nifty thing to be able to do. And seeing as Jack seems to have broken my left boob, a handy one, as well!

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